Adding New Trout for the 2014 Growing Season

I have been a bit tardy in putting theses 2 videos up here on adding new trout to our Aquaponics system.

A couple of weeks ago now my friend Annette pickup a couple of hundred small trout for her self and few of us from her supplier.

I grabbed 10 trout for my system, they are bit smaller then we liked but there doesn’t seem to be much choice this year. I was happy with small trout as I am adding them in with my Silver Perch for the first time.

I have broken up adding new trout to the aquaponics into two videos one picking them up and the second putting them into the my fish tank.

When I got home I realized there wasn’t much useable audio on the video when we where at Annette’s picking up the trout. As you will see I had a bit fun with it and added some music.

Pick Up the Trout for the 2014 Growing Season


I didn’t have far to travel so I just used an esky from home to help keep the water temperature stable. Always make sure you take the same water the fish are in and ask them for the PH of the water too.

Annette’s PH was 6.0 and when I got home I tested mine and it was pretty much the same. If there is a huge difference that’s not a big problem just add the new water in in smaller lots to help the fish adjust to the new PH.

Adding New Trout too The Silver Perch Tank


So far the fish have been doing well, they are fed 3 times a day with small amounts. Not really having had trout before apart from theTrout trial late last year I must say they are a lot more fun than the silver perch to have in the Aquaponics system.

If this goes well and we can grow the tout out to plate size by the end of winter it will be the first time we have been able to get a real feed of fish since setting up the system.

I hoped you liked the videos on the adding new trout to our aquaponics system. Will post an up-date shortly on how the system is going and how the fish are growing.

Happy Gardening,

Brett C

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