Adding Trout to My Silver perch

Last week I added in some trout to my main Aquaponics system to see how they would go with my current stock of Silver Perch.

Whats In The Tank

Adding trout to Silver PerchThere are about 30 Silver Perch in the tank ranging in age from 4 years to less than 12 months, having trout with Silver Perch is not normally recommended.

Trout are a predator species and in the wild will muscle out another fish from an area they have moved into, making them a pest is some places where the have taken over from native fish.

But here we are dealing with fish in an unnatural environment and I have been hearing of other Aquaponics gardeners putting trout in with other fish.

Since Silver Perch are slow growers taking up to 3 summers to get to plate size(in Melbourne at least). It would be nice to be able to grow some trout over the cooler winter months so we can at least get some fish to eat each year.

Adding Trout – 3 Small Ones

A good friend of mine Annette has a system 4 times the size of mine which has allowed her to have Silver Perch in her main tank (4,000 Litres) and then grow out Trout in the Adding Troutsump tank (1000 Litres).

But with having such a large system once her water heats up it can take days to cool down. So with our summer fast approaching Annette decided to give her last 3 trout to me too see if I could keep them growing over summer?

With my smaller tank of only 1000 litres if we have a couple of hot days followed but cooler days then my water will cool down much faster.

Trout do not cope very well with water temps about 27˚ Celsius. Last summer I only had one or 2 days around that temperature.

So all going well I can keep them cool enough to get through our summer and have some nice big trout for the table next year.

The video above I did a few days after adding trout into my Aquaponics. Will post another Video in a week or so showing what been happening.

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