Affnan Siphon Thailand

Back in December I did a quick trip over to Thailand to visit my Dad and help him build an IBC Aquaponics system.

When I arrived he had already cut the IBC for the Aquaponics system ready for us to go and a load of blue metal delivered. I bought with me everything we needed to make the Affnan siphon, plumping, Uniseals and the pump. Turns out the pump was a bit over powered. I bought a 2500l per hour pump because we weren’t sure we could find a pump big enough?

As you can see from the video above it didn’t take us long the have the Affnan siphon Thailand style up and running.

Affnan Siphon Thailand Style

To make the siphon it was a quick rummage through the plastics recycling bag and I found 2 bottles that I thought would do the job. And hey presto the Affnan Siphon Thailand Style worked 1st time with out a hitch. Gotta love a plan when it comes together.

Affnan Siphon Thailand StyleThis is why I love using Affnan siphons they just work with what every you have handy.

To make them I just used a pair of kitchen sissors to cut the bottoms off the 2 bottles and then the sharks tooth bottom of the outside bottle. Slipped the clear stand pipe straight into the PVC adaptor, put the Pink bottle over the top.

I did add a right angle to the bottom of the outlet pipe as I find this helps with reliability of the siphon and makes it start better.

By the end of the first day we had the IBC aquaponics system up and running. Took a few runs to get the stones clean and a couple of flushes to get the water nice and clean.

The nice thing with the affnan siphon is it dosen’t matter where you re you can set-up your own Aquaponics system with just a couple of plastic bottles.



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