Aquaponics Summer Heating Up

Today is going to be a warm one with the bureau predicting 43˚. Yesterday was supposed to be 35˚with my back yard gauge saying 41˚. So if today is supposed to be 43˚ I’m thinking today could get to 46˚ or 47˚.

To give the plants and the trout a fighting chance I have put up a temporary shade cover. This is a spare cover from the dirt garden.

Aquaponics Summer Heating Up

On the right side I have attached the shade cloth to the Grape vine and on the left used some magnets  to hold the shade cloth onto the shed.

Not sure how windy it’s supposed to be today? If they don’t hold will go back onto eBay and get some bigger ones!

Aquaponics Summer Heating Up – Water Temps

The water reached 23˚ yesterday with the 35˚ day and this morning the water temperature is already at 22˚ after a warm night last night.

Aquaponics Summer Heating Up - Water Temp

With the next few days in to the 40’s and the nights around 22˚ it won’t give the water much of a chance to cool down.

As long as the water stays below 27˚ the trout should be OK? If it gets above that will have to consider knocking them on the head.

With the Aquaponics summer heating up it will make the Silver Perch pretty hungry and they will start to get some size on them.

They feed best above 20˚ and the warmer it gets the more they eat.

Stay Safe

If you are in Southern Australia this week try to stay cool with the hear getting up to the 40’s in most states.

To my friends and readers in the Northern Hemisphere keep warm with all the wild weather you are having.

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May your fish always swing the right side up.

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