Aquaponics Update – 24th January 2014, Some Cooler Weather

What A Difference A Week Makes

Aquaponics Update – 24th January 2014:

Last Saturday the cool change had just come in after 5 straight days of 40 plus degrees. Most days by my weather gauge was 45˚ – 47˚.

With our warmest night over 30˚ with the rest in the mid 20’s. This didn’t give the water in the system a chance to cool down.

Luckily this past week has been a cooler with most days in the mid to high 20’s and today being the coolest at 21˚ degrees.

I have been trying to put a video all week but either I have been at work or it’s been so windy all you can hear in the mic is wind noise.

The Trout

If you have been following along on our Google+ page you will know the trout haven’t done so well.

After the 30˚ night the water was at 27˚ in the morning, I did check them 1st thing and they where all fine also at lunch time.

But when I went out in the evening they were floating, if I had of seen them stressed I would have knocked them on the head.

The trout where showing signs of bloat so I buried them in the chook pen.

Aquaponics Update - 24th January 2014

It was only that one night with high temperature, after that the cooler night helped keep the water temperature down.

The experiment wasn’t a total lose, I now know I can keep trout with the silver perch. Just need to watch for signs of damage or disease. If there are to get the effect fish out before the trout start to target the effect area.

Silver Perch

While taking out the trout I notice a silver perch in stress. Not sure why as all the others where fine and the water temperatures was in their optimum range.

So I took it out and knocked it on the head.

Aquaponics Update - 24th January 2014

He has been cleaned and filleted, I was planning on having if for dinner the next night but it was too hot to cook anything so it have been put into the freezer.

Will be sure to post a photo of the end result!

That evening I changed the system over from flood and drain to constant flow.

It’s a simple process of taking out the standard stand pipe and putting in a Affnan Siphon. With the Affnan siphon I need to reduce the flow rate which then pushes more water out through the pray bar.

With this helps put more dissolved oxygen into the water, as the eater gets hotter the amount of dissolved oxygen reduces.

I do have an air pump running 24/7 regardless, but with the temperatures so high every bit helps.

The Plants

To help with the extra heat that week I rigged up a shade cloth cover to try and help.

Aquaponics Update - 24th January 2014

All the plants in the system held up really well except for the cucumber I took out of the dirt garden. It wasn’t the most healthy specimen when I put it in.

All the other plants held up really well.

Since the last update I have added:

  • A couple of watermelons from the dirt garden.
  • A puntet of dwarf snow peas.

The strawberries have been going off and finally some of the tomatoes are starting to ripen.

 The Rest of The Garden

Aquaponics Update - 24th January 2014

As you can see from the picture above the cover where out for the dirt garden, I have learnt from past years that once the temperature gets above 33 degrees I need to cover it up.

Just helps the plants on those hot days, otherwise they all wilt and then any hot day they seem to get stressed.

Just kept pumping water into everything. The tanks where pretty empty by the end of it.

Yesterday we have about 6mm of rain which has bought the tanks back up to almost quarter full.

The only plant to not cope so well was the Kiwi Fruit and most of that was just on the edges of the leaves. Looks as if someone has been at it with a blow torch.

That’s about it, any questions or comments please leave them below.

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