Aquaponics Update Summer Heat 15th January 2014

Aquaponics Update Summer Heat

Not one of my better days, after a 47˚ day yesterday and 30˚ over night the water temperature was still 25˚.

I checked the fish this morning they where all fine no one showing any problems.

With today only getting to 43˚ I thought the water would stay below 27˚ and the trout would be fine.

Went out tonight and found the trout floating and with signs of bloat.

Since there where signs of bloat, decided it was best to dispose of them, a shame as there where quite edible sizes.

Aquaponics Update Summer Heat Trout

Feel a bit bad I didn’t knock them on the head this morning. But I did think they would have gotten through and with a cooler night tonight they would have been fine.

If last night hadn’t been 30˚ the water would have had a chance to drop a little more and then give the water a bit more room to move today.

But on the bright side they did live with the silver perch very well and I am confident I could put some fingerlings in next Autumn and have a feed of trout by the following spring.

Silver Perch

While I was trying to net out the 2 trout tonight a silver perch floated by, belly up.

It wasn’t quiet gone but was very much stressed so I knocked it on the head and put it into the fridge to cool.

Aquaponics Update Summer Heat Silver Perch


A good sized fish at that, measures in at around 280mm. Will make a nice meal for tomorrow night.

Check out my Goggle + page to see how it goes.

This is not the biggest fish in the tank, I’m not sure what caused it?

They can deal with a lot higher temperatures and there are no signs of white spot?

I have now put the pump on continuous flow just incase there are any issues with Oxygen levels in the water.

The air pump is always on 24/7 wand connected to a back up battery system just incase we have a power failure.

Would hate to have fish at eating size after 3 long years and then lose them to a power failure.

Will put up a video over the weekend to show how every thing has coped with the heat.

Happy Gardening.

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