Brett’s Aquaponics Up-date July 2014

Aquaponics up-date July 2014.

This is a bit late in the month but I should just scrape it in.
The system has held up well over winter, the plants haven’t grown to well due to the water in the grow bed being so cold.
For the past few weeks it has been sitting around the 10-12 degrees. 
The trout are growing well and hit their food hard when we feed them. They get a feed morning and evening and there is rarely any left after 5 minutes.

You can see on of the trout in the pic below.

Brett's Aquaponics Up-date July 2014

Radial Flow Filter

I have moved the filter over to the other side of the grow bed to get it out of the way. It’s doing a great job and I didn’t realize just how much muck gets pumped up into the grow bed. 
Wish I had put one in earlier, I think the amount of mud in the grow bed media would be a lot less. 
I will put a new video of the filter in a few days.

A New YouTube Aquaponics Channel

I have started a dedicated All Things Aquaponics on YouTube to put all the new Aquaponics video on. If you like getting my video emails from YouTube please please stop past and subscribe to the new channel.

Silver Perch

Picked up a new long handled net to day, will try to catch one of the bigger silver perch for dinner this weekend. If we do I will post some photos of the end result. Plus some stats on the fish. Will be interested to see how big they are.
Till next time happy Gardening.

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