Buying Fish in Thailand for Aquaponics

Buying Fish in Thailand for Aquaponics

After getting Dad’s system up and running the next thing we needed was some fish.

The main fish in Thailand for aquaponics or aquaculture are Tilapia, a very hardy fish that grows very fast and can even bread in and aquaponics system.

Here in Australia they are illegal to grow as they are considered a pest as they are so hardy they will bread just about anywhere. We already have enough issues with carp here.

Getting fish inThailand is a very easy process not like here in Australia with very few fish farms around and most of them are a good drive from the cities.

Buying Fish in Thailand

The nearest fish farm to my dad’s was a short 20 minute drive down the road, it was a small lot of about an acre.

They had 6 ponds, each with a batch of fish at different size. As one pond needed to be harvest the water is pumped into the last emptied pond.

This water the water is recycled and they can add in the next lot of baby fish.

When we arrived they had only moments earlier finished emptying a pond and all the fish where in the concrete holding tanks out the front waiting to be sold.Buying Fish in Thailand for Aquaponics

We picked our 20 fish at 3 bart a fish or 12 cents a fish in Australian dollars, again could only dream of paying 12 cents a fish here.

After a short drive home we had them in the tank and swimming around with out and issues.

The fish where doing fine till about a week after I left when they started dying. Turns out the local school kids who come the house for lunch as Nana Nat has a noodle show in the house had been found the feed container.

They had been over feeding the fish and the system being so new couldn’t handle the ammonia spike.

In the end there where only 5 fish left. But those 5 fish have had babies in the tank. They too didn’t last long as the fish ate them.

Dad has now placed PVC pipes in the bottom of the IBC to give them somewhere to hide if they breed again.

That’s one thing about Aquaponics you keep on learning.

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