Up-date of Trout and Silver Perch Experiment

Just a quick up-date on how the trout and silver perch have been getting on.

It’s been over 2 weeks since I put the trout and silver perch in together with only the trout with the damaged tail not making it.

Didn’t think his so called friends would attack the wounds. Not having had trout before it didn’t cross my mind this could happen.

Silver Perch are very much more civilised and I have never had anything like this happen before.

Did lose a silver perch this morning, I think it was one of the fish I bought in with the trout from Annette’s.

One thing I have learnt about silver perch is that they don’t like being stressed.

If they get stressed they get white fungus known as “White Spot” on them and in most cases it’s fatal.

At 140mm, definitely one of the smallest fish in the tank.

trout and silver Perch


Hopefully this will be the last one for a while?

There is one more little one in the tank with some white spots on it’s tail, so hopefully it will recover?

Water Temps

The water temps have been low so far this summer, with the water only getting up to 22˚.

Most of the time it has been siting between 18˚ to 20˚. If our summer stays mild like this I have a good chance of getting the last 2 trout through summer.

If I can get them through to next winter then I will have a couple of nice sized fish by the end of next years growing season.

Would be nice to have the water a little warmer say around 20˚ to 22˚over summer as this is a good range for the Silver Perch.

They are not keen on eating when the water temps are too low.

Mind you I feed them lettuce through winter and they seem to go through everything I put in. It only takes them a day or 2 to go through a good hand full of lettuce.

Keep You Up-dated

Will keep you up-dated on how the trout and silver perch are gowing in the regular garden up-dates.

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