Finished Thailand IBC Aquaponics Set-up

Finished Thailand IBC Aquaponics Set-up

So after only a few days work we finally had the system up and running.

We planted the system out with a local Thai Parsley which is just a smaller version of the celery we have here in Australia.

The fish settled in fine with the only loses being those that jumped out. To fix this we put some shade cloth over the top of the fish tank.

Finished Thailand IBC Aquaponics Set-up

I have had this issue with the new trout jumping out of my home system, I find after a couple of days they settle down and can remove the cover with out fear any more fish will jump out.

The Set-up

With the pump now in place and the affnan siphon working a treat I’m pretty happy with the finished Thailand IBC aquaponics set-up.

With the finished Thailand IBC Aquaponics set-up running along nicely my dad could see how it works and could make more for the yard.

Since setting up the system the fish have started to breed in the fish tank.

The 1st lot of baby fish didn’t last very long as they became fish food for the larger fish. To combat that dad added an old mozzie zapper (minus the electronics) in to the fish tank for the next time.

This happened the other day and now the small fish hiding inside the mozzie zapper and dart out every now and then for a feed as the food breaks down.

He has also hidden the food from the schools kids, so no more over feeding.

If all goes well then he is going to add in a 2nd system and the plan is to grow the fish up to plate size them sell them to help make a couple of extra Baht.

In the mean time they have had a steady supply ofThai Parsley that Nan Nat uses in her kitchen for her noodles.

Will try to get some new video of the set-up and some photos soon and do a new post with that.