First Trout of 2014 Aquaponics Growing Season

First Trout of 2014 AquaponicsFirst Trout of 2014 Aquaponics

Today I started to harvest the first of the trout for 2014 for our Aquaponics system.

They have been feeding like champs all winter with only the odd really cold day not wanting to eat much. The water had to get down in to the low single digits for that to happen.

Went out today and brought a huge long poled fishing net. I had been trying to catch them with a very small butterfly styled net with absolutely no luck. First sweep and I picked up these two trout.


TFirst Trout of 2014 Aquaponicshese 2 aren’t the biggest 2 in the tank that is for sure but not a bad size for 5 months of growing. They arrive in May as fingerling and now have grown to around 260mm. Not bad at all.

First Trout of 2014 Aquaponics

They also came in at a good wight of 150g and 81g after being cleaned. First Trout of 2014 Aquaponics

Will cook up the bigger fish tomorrow night for dinner and the small fish has been put into the freezer

Over the next couple of weeks will start to thin them out before the warm weather arrives and the water gets too hot.

Also they have been jumping around a lot and I am scared they will start to harass the Silver Perch. I would rather pull the Trout out early than to start losing Silver perch. I have been growing some of them for over 4 years and would hate to lose any of them from the trout.

This weekend will get into the system and give it a good clean out ready for the summer planting.

Also since the last up-date I have made a new Swirl Filter which is running a treat. Being 3 times larger than the 1st version it really does clean out so much more muck.

Will do my best to get a new video up this weekend to show you how things have been progressing.

Till them.

Happy Gardening.


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  1. Michael

    Great work, I’m new to aquaponics and want to re-purpose a spa we have here that we havn’t used for a few years into the fish tank/sump. I have an old bathtub as well, so I’m looking at different ways to drain from the bed and I came across your soft drink bottle siphon design (which is just brilliant btw). So I’ll trial it first before I add it to the bath shell. I have heaps of questions, but I’ll get the siphon working first. Cheers.

    • Brett

      Hi Micheal,
      Thanks for the kind words, all I can say is give it a go. It’s great fun and the siphon is one of those things you can watch for hours. Just ask my wife!

      Will try to add to this blog a little more. Heaps has happened in the last 12 months. It’s just getting the time.

      Brett C

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