IBC Thailand up and running

IBC Thailand First Run.

After the initial test of the Affnan Siphon it was time to start putting in the rock and try the system out with all the parts in place.

One question I get asked a lot is my siphon worked fine with out the media, but not it won’t run after putting the media in.

Having the media in will restrict the flow of water from the pump out let to the siphon significantly. If you pump is just on the edge of making the siphon work with out media, it will struggl e or not work atall on e the media is in.

We where fine here as I bought a 2500l per hour pump. We did a test after setting up and found out we only needed to have 230l/hr for the system to work properly.

IBC Thailand: Affnan Siphon Guard

When it came to making the siphon guard to keep the media away the PVC Dad had bought turned out to be to narrow to get our hands down to the bottom.Affnan Siphon Guard IBC Thailand

Note: Always make sure you can get your hand all the way to the bottom of the stand pipe incase you need to clear out any obstructions.

So a quick hunt around the house ended in a raid of the kitchen where we found 2 colandars as you can see in the video. Not sure if Nana Nat has quite worked out where they have gone? But they made great guards letting plenty of water flow into the siphon.

Water clear IBC ThailandAs for the media we used a local blue metal stone, we just washed it down as we went where is waqs piled up on the ground. Then we ran the system for a couple of hours with just enough water to keep everything flowing.

Once the water flowing clear into the siphon we drianed the IBC tank , filled it back up and the water was nice and clear.


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