A Quick Video of the Results from the Aquaponics Swirl Filter

Results from the Aquaponics Swirl Filter

Today I finally had a chance to replace the Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter for the newer up-dated version.

With most of the water out it finally gave me a chance to look at just how much muck was removed from the aquaponics system over the past couple of weeks.

As you can see in the Picture below there is a good half a centimetre of muck in the bottom of the tank. Being just a flat bottom tank it was a little hard to clean. The new filter will have a drain in the bottom to help with cleaning.

Results from the Aquaponics Swirl Filter

I’m pretty happy with the results from the aquaponics swirl filter, I didn’t realise just how much muck is being pumped into the grow bed. With a system as small as mine it will be hard to deal with this amount of solids over time.

On the List To Do

Once I’m happy with the new filter system I plan to give the grow bed media a clean, the system is over 4 years old and I have never given the media a good clean. I know there is a lot of mud in there from the worms and I’m guessing some stagnate areas.

I can smell it in the media when I pull plants out, it’s not smelling very good. It won’t take much just need to extend the outlet pipe on the grass and push the hose in with the water running to loosen and stir up the mud. Then just flush it out.

Now would be the best time as all my water tanks are full of fresh rain water and there is still enough winter left to top them back up. Might be a job for next weekend.

In the next day or so I will post the video of the new Filter being installed.

Happy Gardening.



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