Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter

Adding Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter

To help clear up fish tank water.

Last week I started to notice the water in the fish tank was getting dirtier and dirtier. Plus the Trout started going off there food.

I had been thinking of putting in a swirl filter for awhile but just hadn’t found the time to make one, plus I had been trying desperately to find where I can buy some uniseals.

But with the water looking horrible and the trout going off there food it was time to do something. Looking around at what I had handy I managed to knock up a temporary Aquaponics swirl filter with the fish tank from the old mini Aquaponics system.

Temporary Aquaponics swirl filter

Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter – Does it work?

As you can see from the photo below of the fish tank the water looks very murky, you can barely see the white label on the water pump. In the past the water has been crystal clear.

Water before adding Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter

Water Coming into the Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter

In the photo you can see the the particles floating around in the water.

Solids floating around in the temporary Aquaponics swirl filter

Cleaner Leaving the Swirl Filter

As the water moves around the the swirl filter the heavier solids fall to the bottom of the tank. Then as the water changes direction into the planter pot the smaller solids drop out.

In this photo you can the water is very much clearer.

Clear water leaving the Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter


As you can see from the photos it’s a pretty simple set up with just an old planet post and some PVC pipe letting the water out.

 What’s a bit hard to see is the amount solids left in the bottom of the tank. When I add in the permanent Swirl filter and clean this one I will put up a post showing how much muck is left in the bottom.

Also to help catch the finer solids that get through I have used some scour pads I had used in my very first water filter, they need be cleaned every day but hopefully over time they won’t be needed.

Finally filtering for Temporary Aquaponics swirl filter

I have started on the new swirl filter just waiting for the uniseals to arrive in the post.

New Aquaponics swirl filter

One Last Thing!

For this all to work properly I have had to change over from a flood and drain system to a constant flow with an Affnan siphon. Once the new swirl filter is in will have a play around and see how it works with a flood and drain Aquaponics system?

Mind you I do love my Affnan siphon plus I have a smaller cheaper pump running but it is running 24/7.

I hope you found this post on my Temporary Aquaponics Swirl Filter useful and if you have had any experience with using one before I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Till the next post happy gardening.


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  4. Ajith

    Hi Mate
    Iam impressed with your set up.
    Iam new to the game . Trying to set up a small Aquaponics system on my terrace. Can you suggest me a place where i can buy an IBC tank. Iam living in Ayuthaya .
    Much appreciate any suggestion.

    • Brett Cooper

      Hi AJ,
      All know is what my Dad tells me. He found his while driving down for a border run. I have seen a place in Chonburi when Dad lived there for awhile.
      So I know they around, just keep an eye out, if you see someone selling the blue barrels go in and ask if they have IBC’s as they seem to sell both. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Brett.

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