Trout coming up to feed in the Aquaponics System

Trout Coming Up to Feed.

This monrning I managed to get some footage of the Trout we added into the Aquaponics System on the 7th of May coming up to feed in the Auaponics  system.

They have been a bit shy for the past week but finally today they fed really well.

Swirl filter

The water has been pretty dirty so last weekend I decided to put in a swirl filter to help take some if the solids. Will put a new post about that shortly.

In the mean time here is a photo of the make shift swirl filter from the weekend.


Make Shift Swirl Filter

In the process of making a new permanent filter.

Nice to see the fish!

It’s so nice to have Trout coming up to feed in the Aquaponics System and splashing around after having the silver perch for so long that just hide every time the lid is opened.

Depending how well they feed in the morning they get 2 to 3 feeds a day, I like to keep each feed small to make sure they everything I’m giving them.

Trout Getting Bigger.

As you can see from the 2 screen grabs of past videos they are growing, if they keep this up will have some nice trout for the plate by the end of winter.


New Trout day 1 - Trout Coming Up to Feed

Day 1 – 7th of May 2014


It’s a bit hard to see from this this shot (screen grab from above Video) but you can see they have incased in size. If you watch the video you can see them swimming past the pump in the water.

The pump is 130mm long and they are unto half that length again which makes them about 200mm long which isn’t bad considering the largest trout was about 100mm when I picked them up 5 weeks ago.


Trout to day - Trout Coming Up to Feed

Trout to day 13th of June 2014

If you have trout please let me know how much and how often you feed then in the comments below.

Also check out my youtube channel for more videos.

Have gardening,
Brett C

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