Underwater Video of My Silver Perch

Video of My Silver Perch.

Just back from holidays and while away bought my self a nice new GoPro.

So this afternoon I gave it it’s 1st underwater test run in the Aquaponics system and made a Video of My Silver Perch and I think it did a pretty good job.

As you can see in the video I have a nice mix of fish from very small through to some larger fish which I could probably eat today. It was always hard to know hap many I had left and its good see they are looking healthy.

If I stop the video of my silver perch I can see I have roughly 24 fish, give or take a couple. Doesn’t matter how much I ask they just won’t all line up nicely!

I think the camera does a pretty good job in the low light conditions, it was shot late afternoon as the sun was going down.


New Fish Coming

As I mention in the video I do have some Trout coming in the next couple of days, will try to do a video of them going into the system to show how I introduce new fish in.

After the experiment late last year with adding in the trout I’m pretty confident I can get a nice feed of trout out of the system over winter while still keeping the Silver perch.

This has been the main down fall so far with the system, not getting consistent fish to eat.

It’s not a difficult thing to do but it can make the difference between keeping all your fish and having them get stressed and loping some or all of them.

System Up-date

Once I have the new fish in I will also do and up-date underwater video of my silver perch and the new trout to see how they are integrating. Also will get a garden up-date out soon. Spent this morning digging over the dirt garden to get ready for the winter green crop and veggies.


Happy Gardening.

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  1. Jane Cavanagh

    What a great page! I love Go Pro’s and I love fish, so that’s probably why I like your site!

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