Clear Media from Aquaponics Plants Video Up-date

This is a quick video to show you how easily the Celery roots came up from the Grow Bed.

It only took about two to three weeks for the roots to rot enough for me to pull them up.

As you can see in the video it didn’t take much to get them out.

Also there are no clay balls at all left in there. All the finer roots have pretty much gone.

How to Clear Media from Aquaponics Plants

I have 2 techniques for taking out old plants from the aquaponics system.

One is to take the hole plant out roots and all, the second is to cut the plant off at ground level and let nature do the hard work.

Below is the original video showing the 2 methods I use to take my old plants out.

As you can see sometimes it’s easier to just cut the plant off and leave the roots behind.

How to Clear Media from Aquaponics Plants

If I where to try and pull up the root ball of the celery plant, not only would it have taken for ever to clean out the balls.

But it would have disturbed a huge area of the grow bed, stirring up the worm castings which are all through the media and then making the water very muddy on the next flood cycle.

Fish Deaths

I have heard of fish being lost after a grow bed has been too disturbed. Would rather play it safe.

This is only my opinion but I think there are pockets of stale media in the bottom of the grow beds and once stirred up can cause issues with oxygen supply in the fish tank.

This then causes the fish deaths.

Again this is just a hypothesis and I have no facts to back this up!

Also as you can see from the the up-date video how easily the roots come up after three weeks.


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Happy gardening and may your fish swim the right way up!

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